Is a CMS Right For Your Business

Published: 10/07/2022

A CMS or Content Management System can be the best or worst thing that ever happened to your business. Let me explain why....

During my early years in web development, I was a big fan of Joomla. I felt every client I worked for would benefit from a CMS. After developing many of these type websites, I began to see a pattern. I would develop the CMS, turn it over to the end client with detailed guidance on how to add or update pages or even create a blog post. We will talk about blogs in another post, but for now let me say this. Out of the first 75 or so Joomla websites that I developed, I began to realize that the business owner was not taking advantage of the availalble features.

See, if someone in your company is not going to be updating pages and adding new pages to give you fresh, informative content there is no need to have a CMS. You would be much better off with a simple HTML brochure type website. First, it would be cheaper to have developed. Also, no need in the added disk usage on your hosting server if you are not going to be taking advantage of the added functionality.

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